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Where to begin with FM?

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Hi. Our company has two employees. The 65-year-old owner and me, who has to do everything he can't do: CSS/HTML, Photoshop, audio/video editing, teaching him how to use his iPhone, everything. Something new every day, and most of it I have no previous experience with. Including FM Pro 8.5.


The previous "me" built an extensive FM system. It is stable. What is the best way to get started learning FM? I don't expect to do anything too advanced.


I just need to do basic things like adding 2013 contracts (by copying 2012 stuff and changing dates, for example). I've achieved some of this by looking through Scriptmaker and getting an idea of what it is doing. I won't need to develop any new elaborate forms. The functionality is there. I just need to understand it better.


One of the most common problems is just connectivity issues. We need to connect locally and remotely. Every time the power gets knocked out, I have to re-remember how to set the remote address in the Favorite Hosts. If you can offer a suggestion, please assume FM and the server are fine. They've been running correctly for over a decade. It's just those dang addresses.


Thank you

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I'd suggest you look for local FileMaker trainings in your area (http://www.filemaker.com/support/training/) You can also get some decent video trainings from places like lynda.com.


A better way to access your hosted database files is with a launcher file or even a URL. A launcher file just needs to run an opening script that executes an Open File script step, opening the file on the host. Then you just distribute the launcher file.

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