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Filemaker and Phone Integration - Try It Now for FREE

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Are you looking to integrate your Filemaker solution with a telephone service? We have solution for you!


We are developing, supporting, and hosting VOIP PBX Solutions. Our main focus is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use phone system.


Some of the benefits that you would enjoy using our Hosted PBX Solutions are:

- Unlimited Minutes - Flat Rate

- Conference Calls

- Transfer of calls between remote offices

- Interactive Voice Response ( For example if somebody calls your number he can choose one of the following: Press “1” for Sales, Press “2” for support and so on)

- Music On Hold

- Unlimited Extensions

- Call Recording

- Call logs

And Much more...


For more information you can visit our web site at http://www.alliancephones.com


You can also try our “2 Days Unlimited Demo” by visiting http://www.alliancephones.com/demo


Currently we support an easy “Click-To-Call” option within Filemaker for Windows. For more details, please visit our blog post “8 Easy Steps to integrate Filemaker & Alliance Phones” at http://www.alliancephones.com/filemaker-integration-alliance-phones-call-manager/




Stiliyan Bezhanski


Alliance Phones


United States


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