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Sean MacLane

Finding a FileMaker Developer on Filemaker Today

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Sean MacLane

Every weekday we have 1000’s of visitors to the FileMaker Today Forum and progressively each month more and more are looking for professional help from a moderator, consultant or developer. If you happen to be in this segment...There are a number of very important items to keep in mind before a commitment is made. The first and MOST IMPORTANT is make sure whoever you hire is a FileMaker Today Recommended Consultant or Developer. Being online for almost 15 years we can tell you point blank… who’s right and who’s not. Be sure and contact us before you make any commitment to ANYONE on this site. Our Moderators | Consultants are always clearly marked right under their name.


Now here are some tips:


Know exactly what you want to get done. Build A List of what you need to get accomplished.


Know exactly what you are looking for in a new database or the problems you are trying to solve in your existing database.


• you need your database to be accessible on IOS platforms. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

• can my database be web accessible, what do I have to do to make it this way;

• will my database be secure online;

• we would like to access live inventory databases from our warehouse;

• can we import Excel spread sheets and other MS docs.


These are just examples...In other words, make sure you know what you want done ahead of time and it would also be a good idea find some examples of work you like. Have another list of likes and dislikes.


Have a list of Questions to ask:


It’s your money so you had better be prepared to ask some questions:


• “Do you charge for planning or discovery”;

• “What is your hourly rate”;

• “How long to complete your project”;

• “How much involvement does the process require from my company”;

• “Get a list of references”;

• “Get a proposal in writing of all of the above and make sure it is signed by the developer and you”;



When you do start talking business make sure YOU drive and control the conversation. Keep in mind, most developer’s have 3 prices tiers…


• What they want to make

• What they are willing to take

• What you are willing to pay…be prepared to negotiate


Once again, Our Moderators | Consultants are always clearly marked right under their name. Once again contact us online or toll free 888-603-3633 for a list of recommended developers and DO NOT accept any offers that come from our forum until you do. This is not only for your peace of mind but for ours as well. Good luck with your project!

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