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First field in Value List will not select

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Table 1:

RecordID (a unique numeric serial ID)

Usage ("Accepted" or "Not Accepted)

IsBasionym (Yes, No)

Scientific Name (name field)

AcceptedBasionym (calculation IsBasionym&Usage)

BasionymID (For those records that aren't basionyms, it is populated by the RecordID of the relevant basionym)

BasionymLookUp - a calculation field containing CASE (AcceptedBasionym = "YesAccepted"; RecordID)


For those records that aren't basionyms, a second instance of Table 1 (called Basionyms), related via Table1::BasionymID = Basionyms::RecordID is used to pull data from both tables in a series of layouts.


I use the BasionymLookUp field to populate a Value List. This gives me a list of RecordID's corresponding to names that are basionyms - as expected. This value list is used to add RecordID to the field BasionymID, but only for those records that are not basionyms (IsBasionym = "No")


I also added a second field (Scientific Name) to the value list so that I can select the basionym by name rather than by number.


Here is the problem:


When I have the value list show the first field, the selected RecordID gets entered into the BasionymID field. However, when I have the value list show me only the second field (Scientific Name), when I make a selection, the contents of the first field are not inserted and the BasionymID field remains blank.


Is this something to do with Filemaker 12 performing the CASE calculation only when needed?


I'd appreciate any help.

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