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cannot create conditional value list


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I am pretty sure that I got these to work before:


A. I have a master table which has a field called IsBasionymn. It contains either "Yes" or "No"


B. For records that are set at IsBasionymn = No, I have a second field called BasionymnID. I'll fill this with the Record identifier (a serial number) of the appropriate record that is marked as IsBasionymn = Yes.


C. I want to create a conditional lookup that contains only those records from the master table that are marked as IsBasionymn = Yes.


D. I created a second instance of the Master table that I rename Basionymns in the relationship window.


E. I have a second table (YesFilter) that contains a single record "Yes" and relate this to IsBasionymn of Basionymns


F. In my value list, I specify the lookup being from the instance called Basionymns, but only showing related values starting from YesFilter.


However, I get "No Values Defined" when I try to access the value list.


Any ideas?



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