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FM Go 12 and FM Server 12


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I have a PC on my network connected via Cat5 cable and an iPad connected to the same network via wireless. The PC is running FM server 12 advanced. I open FM Go 12 on my ipad and connect to my pc running fm server 12 via the ip address but it doesnt find any files. the server is running and databases are running and i can connect to the server via fm client from any machine on the network and open the databases but not with the ipad. it doesnt work by typing the name after the ip address either. am i missing something? Trying to do this cause i have a cleint that will be using this feature alot and needs to be dummy proof.



The situation for my client though is they wont have FM server. they will have FM 12 advanced client and thats it. It will be on a wireless network and the solution file is a single file and i will have FM sharing turned on so they can share it across another laptop in the future if need be but mainly share it with an ipad for now so one will be using the mac laptop running FM client 12 with the database resident on it and the other with an ipad sharing that file from that laptop.


Need help with figuring this out. I can test pretty much any scenario here at work to try to get it running properly if need be with in reason. but i dont have access to network settings or anything like that on the router or firewall or anything like that.




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Couple of things to look for if it's not showing any files:

  • Wired LAN and Wireless actually on the same network. ( possible you they are separate "networks" )
  • FileMaker Sharing - make sure it's turned on.
  • FileMaker Sharing - make sure the "don't show this in the remote dialog" checkbox isn't checked.
  • FileMaker Sharing - make sure the user access is not set to "No Users" or whatever appropriate setup they need.
  • Extended Privileges - make sure the extended privileges are set correctly.
  • What version of FMGO are you using? Purple/Purple icon is 12, Purple/Green icon is 11.

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Im using FM Go 12 to connect to FM Server 12. Filemaker sharing is turned on. Im testing it with the FM Starting POint solution and i made sure its on and set to all users and the Dont Show this check box is unchecked. But i have Filemaker network checked on extended privileges.

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Double check to make sure that the wireless is not generating it's own network. Sounds like your setup is correct.


The machines you connect with via FileMaker Open Remote I assume are wired LAN?! If yes, my guess is the wireless router is running it's own network separate from the the one running from the wired LAN.

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Yea ill have to get with my network guy and see. I know its connected to the same router as my pc is but it may have a different gateway like my pc is and the wireless is connected to the same network but has but they do both get internet from the same router through our fiber connection though.

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Well i shutdown FM server on my pc and on my mac i closed FM 12 client that was open remote to open one of the files on the PC server 12 and then created a network on my mac and opened a file locally on it and made sure it was set for sharing and it worked. So if your mac has FM client that you use Open Remote to open data files from a server remotely that is not hosted on the mac itself then creating a network on opening a file locally on your mac and setting it to shared will say another instance of filemaker is sharing or something to that effect and wont allow you to see it in FM go.


Make sure any files on the mac that is currently opened in FM client isnt opened from a remote server or it wont work. and i think the reason why FM go aint seeing my PC server is because my ipad is getting an ip of when my PC is getting Different gateway even though its plugged into the same router.

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you need to look at your wireless settings. Whats the router model? Your problem is not on FMP Server nor file sharing.... its the router.


I've seen routers where LAN IP's are and Wireless connections are

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