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zoom on images (containers)- set zoom icon's size unchanged


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Hi there,


I'm new to the forum and not sure any similar post already exists.


I'm developping a solution where users have to zoom in and out on inserted images (in container fields). I'm looking for a way to keep the zoom icons size unchanged while the inserted image is zoomed in or out.


More details


1/ I've implemented a zoom button, on the layout where images are inserted, which opens a new window with the same field enlarged and it works fine.

2/ On the new window/ second layout, I have put two buttons/ icons (globals; container fields): a + (button action: set zoom level - zoom in) and a - (button action:set zoom level - zoom out). I have arranged them on the front and removed all all borders. Looks just the way I wanted it to and works fine except that... my buttons also get zoomed in or out according to which button is clicked.The most inconvenient part is when the image is zoomed out and the buttons get so tiny that it becomes difficult to click on them. I also expected this... but want to change. I've tried a couple of tricks that didn't work. so there goes my question


it there any way, in FileMaker, to keep those icons' size unchanged and still on the front to be clicked on, while the images are zoomed in/out? (FMP 10A)





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