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script for employee search not carrying over correctly

John Doe

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I created a script for narrowing employee searches to run on object modify which just refreshes the window. The issue I'm having is while using an Ipad, the script doesn't launch because Go immediately heads to the next field (which isn't even editable) and bypasses the flag needed for the script to run. Does anyone have a workaround? I don't mind just turning it into a button that the user would just manually hit, but we all know, the Iphone/Ipad has some dimension constraints, and I'm trying to squeeze the most out of every pixel.

-John Doe

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Some more info on it real fast: I *can* get the script to run, if I manually head back to the field in question, and then hit the return button. The other issue with this is it wipes the field (set to global), and it sometimes causes the type toolbar to freak out when backing out. The area where the keyboard was remains up, but it returns to a field "previous" and "next" browser. Not sure what it is, but I'd like it removed. I've already scripted the toolbars to be hidden, but this one is still up and running. Wasn't a big issue until it I realized it wasn't consistently hiding itself after adjusting data.

-John Doe

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