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Compiled records email


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Currently I have a date field set to automatically send a email anytime the date is changed. This either says that the event is happening or if it's removed, the event is not happening. Since we are a construction company, this can be changed multiple times during a week, if not in any given day.


I want to create a "Summary" or "compiled records" email. I want it to look up the builder and sales representative, and send them a summary email (around midnight each night) of all of their current jobs. So it would look something like this:



Your current Digs:

Customer name - 07/07/2012

Customer name - 07/08/2012

Customer name - >>

Customer name - 07/16/2012





We have several steps of the process, so compiling this into one email, rather than 1 email per Customer is what I'm looking for. I've tried a couple of different scripts I found on google, a loop find script, and a specific find for each one, but none compiles the information properly.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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I tried using SetVariable, and created a row, then added that into a email, but I still get a ton of emails instead of the summary. It also appears I cannot search a Date field for ≥ Get(CurrentDate). Is there a work around for that as well?

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