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Hello Y'all,


I've just signed up for the Forum so I'm a newbie. I just wanted to post for my first time and become familiar with the process. I have a FileMaker database that I created many years ago and I've updated it many times thorough the years to give me many different ways to track orders, invoices and payment. I began using FileMaker back when it first began, and now am running FileMaker 11 Pro. I have the FileMaker 11 Advanced and Server versions as well.


I have been challenged by the fact that I am running a web shopping cart system (using Magento) and I really would like all the orders in my eCommerce site to show all the order data in FileMaker so that any orders placed online will be easily invoiced through FileMaker. I want to also be able to maintain some accounting of the orders so that I can report my sales taxes and create many other kinds of custom layouts to manage the data in just about any customizable format.


The problem that has really challenged me is importing all the data from my Amazon.com seller central account and Magento shopping cart so that the data appears properly in my FileMaker database. At present I import the shopping cart data using a CSV file which has multiple line entries for every part ordered by a customer. I just have not figured out how to get the data to show up in the invoices so that each item ordered shows up in the orders/invoices. I wind up importing the data and then copy and paste a lot of data. I have been told that it would be best to use import tables to match the fields, but I've never learned how to use import tables to do that. I either need to learn that process and make my current database work or find someone that can map the data for me.


I am open to ideas and suggestions on how to educate myself or get the help that I need. I will mention that I've tried to go to developers twice, and they have always tried to come up with elaborate new databases, but what I really like is the simplicity of my current system. i have all the data in a flat file database, so it is quite easy for me to modify data as needed and change layouts to suit whatever format I need to use for quotes or invoices and reports. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, and so far each of the developers has had grand plans of developing a complete invoicing, inventory tracking and customer relationship management system, but all I want is my good old invoicing program to work so I can use it in its simple form. If any of you have ideas or suggestions on how to tackle this, I'd really appreciate it.




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