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Selecting Text BEFORE a Search String


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Apologies for my ignorance, I am just messing around with FileMaker. Basically I need to create a selectable text field which puts together a bunch of other text fields, and that's working out well - but in one case I need to pull just one line from a text field - from an address. Essentially, I need to pull the Country line from a text box that usually reads like this:


Awesome Company

2314 Street Address

City-town, Country, Zip Code

Attn: Joe Somebody

Phone: 555-1234

E-Mail: Somebody@gmail.com


I need to pull the entire line with the country and city in it; however, since these are all put in sort of haphazardly, that can be the third or fourth line. However, I know that I will always need the line BEFORE the line that starts "Attn:". So I can use Position to locate "Attn:", and then - if I wanted to grab everything AFTER and INCLUDING "Attn:" I could use the Middle Function. But is there a way to grab the line BEFORE and NOT INCLUDING the "Attn:"?


Thank you!

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Let (firstsnippet = Middle (YourTable::TextField; 1; Position (YourTable::TextField; "¶Attn"; 1; 1)-1);


GetValue (firstsnippet; ValueCount (firstsnippet) )


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