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Append Enter program after scanning a barcode


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I'm writing a script that would allow me to scan a bunch of barcodes, one at a time, into the database. I make a loop hoping to create a new record after i scan a barcode into a field, using Symbol LS2208 hand held scanner. i add pause/resume script so I can scan the barcode and then go to the next scrip step. i thought i can use the Append Enter/Return carriage suffix feature to act as the "continue" or press enter button, but i didn't work. the problem is after i scan the barcode, it will only go to the next line in the same field, instead of exit the record and move to the next script step.


can someone help me out with this? thanks.

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The problem is that it is appending the RETURN character and you need it to append the ENTER character. Although Windows keyboards label both keys "Enter", the one that is directly above your Shift key on the right is NOT, in fact, an Enter key but instead is a Return key.


Your barcode scanner should have come with little barcodes for "training" the scanner and you can train the scanner to append the Enter key instead of the Return key after each barcode is scanned. The other solution is to do a Show Custom Dialog with field entry allowed, and scan the barcode contents into the custom dialog. Hitting the Return key when a Custom Dialog is on screen continues the script and hence acts just like an Enter key.

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