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pseudo-global field for similar but not all records


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Hi all,


I am working on a science faculty order form system to do two things

1. allow staff to order equipment (eg 5 stopwatches, 3 pencils) via a portal in an individual order layout & table

2. grow an 'equipment' list that allows a 'total stock' field to be added later.


I use a summary table layout to list each piece of equipment once (no many how many times the equipment has been ordered previously). We use this (growing) list when we complete the annual stocktake. Is there a way I can place a 'total stock' field in that list that will then show up in the original order form layout the next time someone orders a stopwatch to tell them what the total stock available is?


I originally intended to manually create the equipment list in a related table but the order form needs to provide the flexibility to add new types of equipment by each staff member which we then later add to our annual stocktake.


Any ideas would be welcome. I am probably missing an obvious solution - the original db structure was based on the 'Inventory' Starter Solution



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