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IWP Issue with Portals


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Hello, all. Big fan of this forum, it's been a boon to me on those late nights when I'm unable to find a solution to a tricky problem. Here's a stumper for which I can't find any threads.


My client has reported an issue using a database over IWP (FMSA11): when entering data into a portal (unfiltered, sorted by Mod Date newest to oldest), something odd happens. Let's say there is a field "A" with values in a checklist, and next to each check is a field "B" for details of that item. When they check on an item in field A, then go to the field B to add data, the check disappears, and the portal row is blank again. The empty portal row is still the only row visible, and when they re-enter data in the row, and exit the portal, the first record shows up again, with only the first check showing. Sometimes this will happen multiple times when entering data into the portal, ie the user will end up with multiple related records with parts of the entered data in each. All fields are within portal boundaries. This behavior actually only recently started to occur for a few people in one office last week, and now it's happening in another office as well, however no changes were made to the related table, relationships, foreign key field in parent table, or to the portals.


I have been able to replicate this in IWP, using Firefox and IE8. This has not happened in use or testing via FM application. However, these two offices are not currently able to use FM app from their locations.


Anyone have any idea what may cause this?


- Greg

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Interesting - this issue was all the time when using IE6, but IE7 seemed to partially resolve it, and I've not seen it rear it's ugly head since. One major caveat, however; I rewrote code to support IE6. Checkboxes have never worked well from a browser, so I always set check boxes from buttons and only use the check as a visual indicator. I put the non-enterable checkbox on the button, so clicking anyplace on the button toggles the checkbox state, and I just do this as standard practice now, as it always works.


Transparent buttons are to be avoided as well.


IWP with its' stateless connections for interactive interfaces, is an interesting challenge and often a behavioral mystery. Script everything and don't rely on human interface behaviors to work right.


The FAQ section deals with some of these issues, if I remember rightly.


Other alternatives gladly accepted :-)

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