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Ello Errey Body!


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Is this thing on? Ok... I think I came to the right place to say hello. :)


Anyways... HOWDY! The name's Jake. Im the office manager/tech guy for a small Landscape design firm in Austin, Tx.


I've recently downloaded the free trials of filemaker pro and server to see if it can help us organize our office, projects, and teams.


I have a good bit of experience with PHP and MYSQL... so, some things in filemaker have come sooommmeee what naturally... but other things have me really slamming my head on the wall. I think the things that are snagging me the most are actually quite simple.


Any dang way... looking forward to learning!



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Hi Jake!


I'm new to this forum too, but I've been programming in FileMaker for a while.


I recommend that you take a look at Richard Carlton's Starting Point. It's a free FM solution that is easy to add on to but is already very robust!!! You can find it here: http://www.fmstartingpoint.com


And NO, I do NOT work for them. I've built a great system for our office after starting with this. I hope it helps!



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