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Help with multi step script formula


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I am trying to put together a multi step script/macro and I dont understand the formulas well enough yet to script it all together. Love some help if anyone is able and willing. Thanks!



1. I want it to do a duplicate record search(!) based on 3 fields concatenated for accuracy (name,street1,zip).

2. With that list I want to omit any record that does not have 3 or more duplicate entries (some will have close to 200 dupes).


3. Isolate all records with the same company name and then move on to step 4 script. (this step seems like it's unnecessary but I could only get my script in step 4 to work if I isolated each dupe name group)

4. select first record in the second column "ProjectIDS", run secondary script(I have this already built)


Loop the above steps until entire found set of dupes have been processed.



5. return to table view and any records in each duplicate grouping with the same company name & same address need to be merged so that the only records that remain have a unique address.


I hope I broke that down enough. I have the goal in mind for this project but so far Im struggling with the proper use of and design of scripts and since I'm obviously still new to FMP and any help is greatly appreciated.

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I think I would start off by creating a self join relationship where you relate the file to itself based on the criteria you are using to detect if the record is a duplicate.

Then create a calculated field that counts the number of related records showing up in the relationship


1.Create a find script step that searches the calculated field for a number >3

2. Sort the records by the duplicate criteria

3. Go to Record First

4. Run Secondary script - This script would need to omit or remove the dupes, leaving the process to continue on the next duplicate.

5. Loop


I realize this is not a complete solution but hopefully should give you some ideas, let me know if it is not clear enough. (or you already figured it out)

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