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Conversion of Text Date and Calculation of Age.


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I am using FMPro 11 Adv with Win 7 64bit OS. I have a Test Table (TEST AGE ROTA) with these Fields - Name, BirthDate (Date), Deceased (Text), DeathDate (Number) and Age (Numeric).

Deceased Field is Text, because my source material from Descendants of Rats of Tobruk, in many, but not all cases, is ../../1979 or ../05/1956.

Because I am a Novice and know nothing about Coding for Calculation Expressions and Functions, may I ask, if someone could produce Code for me, to produce the results I need.

Using Table "TEST AGE ROTA", convert Deceased Dates to Number in DeathDate and then Calculate Age at Death in the Age Field, for those Records which have an entry in both, BirthDate and Deceased/DeathDate Fields. Those Records that have no BirthDate or no BirthDate + DeathDate, will return nothing. For those Records that have BirthDate, only, Age today will be calculated to CurrentDate.

Required to update the Table on Login on each new day.

When this Code is proven in the Test Table, I will then convert it to use in the Main Database of 7000+ Records, after Backup of File.


Many Thanks in anticipation, Owen Carlton

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