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SOLVED: FileMaker Cafe and the Conditional URL from Hell


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I have joined the [del]modern[/del] umm, well, at least semimodern era. I bought one of them newfangled INTEL based Macs insofar as it is rumored that subsequent releases of FileMaker aren't going to run on Leopard, the last PowerPC-compatible MacOS.


I have the following saved as a bookmark to bring me "today's posts":




I execute that URL on the new Mac, running Safari 5.1.4; it reconciles to this:




and this:


Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.



I remote into the old PowerPC Mac running MacOS 10.4.11 and execute the same damn initial URL and the old Mac, running Safari 3.0.4, gives me this instead:








All in all, I prefer the results from the older Mac. Both machines are under the impression that today is 3/18/12, by the way. And I'm logged in as me in both environments.



Addl Info: the "today's posts" URL works just fine on some browsers other than Safari on the old Mac: Demeter, Shiira. On some browsers (Opera, OmniWeb, Firefox) the "today's post" URL only works if I am not logged in. Can't find any browsers that play nicely with the URL when I'm logged in in the new MacOS so it must have something to do with interactive code types such as JavaScript, yes?



Any possibility you could make a "Today's Posts" link that works for logged in registered users who like that particular find request?

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Does it work if you use Google Chrome?


I can't think of any settings that would affect the search results, at least not browser settings. It resolves to a returned search id from the server. Which is normal. What happens if you run the same url again in the same browser window...I've seen the "What's New" search do weird things the first time I click it after I log back in after clearing my cache.

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