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Outlook Manipulator and FM Design/Data Retrieval


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I am having a complete block on how to make this work:


I currently have a contact database that was put together with specific fields for each phone number and it is working with outlook manipulator just fine (home number field in FM is pushing and pulling to and from the home number field in Outlook.) Turns out that was rookie mistake as it limits the phone numbers that a user can enter into their contacts. For instance, I would not have put 2 fields for cell and it turns out that contacts could have 2 cell numbers or 2 home numbers, etc. I am going to implement another table to house the phone numbers in a related table by contactID. There are 3 fields in this table, ContactID, PhoneType and PhoneNumber. (This works great and the numbers are shown through a portal on the contact layout)

Now the problem, or what I am having a complete block understanding how to handle:

I am using Outlook Manipulator to sync with outlook, when I make this transition, how would you tell the plugin to connect the accurate numbers?

For instance, a number categorized as cell in FM should be put in the outlook field for mobile, the number categorized as home in FM should go to home in outlook, etc. (Side Note, I am only going allow for phone numbers to be categorized as values that match the available options in outlook)

What am I missing here?

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