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Portal / Relationship Frustrations


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I built a database that was working well, but then it stopped working !!!! It wasn't divine intervention that stopped it, rather something stupid that I did to it, and I'm not sure what.


I have three tables and two relationships...








Between Estimates and GUI based on Job Number with Records Added and Deleted on the Estimates side of the relationship.

Between Estimates and Stock based on Stock Name


Estimates: Contains 150 + fields.

GUI: (as the name suggests) is the data entry table. It contains only one field - "Job Number". There are several other fields added to this layout from the Estimates table.

Stock: contains all of the Stock Item info.


Each stock item can be used in various products in different quantities within the same job. This "application" serves to calculate how many of stock x is required for that job. Each record in GUI is a unique job.


The user enters a unique job number into the GUI layout and a relationship starts a new record in Estimates. They then enter other common info like...

Job Name

Client Name

Stock Name (drop down list via a relationship from the Stock table)

and other info.


This info is common to all records in the Estimates Table.


After the "common to all" info is added, the user then goes into a portal on the GUI layout to enter three pieces of info (Product Name, Length and Width). These products use the common Stock item to work out how many of stock x is required to manufacture the product. There can be any number of rows in the Portal, each equates to a new record in Estimates. Once this occurs, many many calculations are done within estimates to each record to calculate various things about the product. Once the calculations are done, the GUI layout will get the price and expected delivery date of the Product. The user never need to go to the Estimates layout, unless they want to know the intimate details of all of the calculations, something only the engineer needs to do.




GUI - Record 1

Job Number: 123, Stock Name: Widget

Portal Row 1 - Length: 1280, Width: 1360

Portal Row 2 - Length: 4190, Width: 2670


GUI - Record 2

Job Number: 999, Stock Name: Gidget

Portal Row 1 - Length: 125, Width: 86

Portal Row 2 - Length: 444, Width: 98



Portal Row x - Length: 546, Width: 101



Record 1 - Job Number: 123, Stock Name: Widget, Length: 1280, Width: 1360

Record 2 - Job Number: 123, Stock Name: Widget, Length: 4190, Width: 2670

Record 3 - Job Number: 999, Stock Name: Gidget, Length: 125, Width: 86

Record 4 - Job Number: 999, Stock Name: Gidget, Length: 444, Width: 98



Record x - Job Number: 999, Stock Name: Gidget, Length: 546, Width: 98


This used to work well, but now (and I'm nor sure why) only the first record in Estimates gets the Stock Name (and other fields) copied from GUI. Subsequent rows in the Portal and various "common" fields do not go across to new records in Estimates - Job Number does copy to all records in Estimates however.


I am at a loss. Can you please help.

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It's not clear what's not working. If you're entering the Estimate line item records via the GUI, then the records are there, in the Estimates table. There should be no need to copy them at all.

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