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Verify receipt of ordered items


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I am using version 5.5 (I know, way out of date, but work for a school board!)


I have a number of ordered books in my database, using ISBNs as unique identifiers. Now to confirm which of the books have now been received I want to use a barcode scanner to scan in ISBNs into the database, and then have a script determine which of the newly entered numbers match the ordered numbers.


I have a field for ISBN and one for Title and another called Check ISBN where I scan in the received items and another field named Received where some text would be entered to indicate the book has been received.


What I am looking for is similar to an Excel function that looks through a range to find a match like this:

=IF(ISNA(MATCH(F1,$D$1:$D$199,0)),"Not Received","Received")


Any help would be appreciated.

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