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Hi could anyone please advise me on a suitable function or a way to achieve the following..

I have a field that contains a number IE: 056208639 I would like to create another field that would add "000" in front of that number automatically on all records in my database providing me with a new field showing 000056208639


Thanks as ever, your advise is priceless !!

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OK I managed to answer my own question. for those interested I created a the new field and used "replace field contents" with "000" & orginalfield

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Your way you will always have 000 in front of string of numbers


this is a better option




or better yet


Right("00000000000" & YourTable::YourField;11)


using your example 056208639 will return 00056208639


have ever when you roll your existing number to 100000000 it will show as 00100000000


Alway giving you an 11 digit number

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