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Hello everyone!


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Although I am young at heart, I am old enough to have been using Filemaker since it was a ... Claris product! (did everybody just leave the room ? lol)

The funny thing is that the secretary at my job back then came back from some event having WON a free fullfledge copy of this intriguing software. She had NO interest in it. But I am always curious and an avid learner. So I politely asked if I could 'relieve' her of this software she wanted nothing to do with. I learned it, and immediately used it, creating databases for work. Being self-employed and freelancing, I also created numerous small and simple databases for other places. And ended up, using it ever since. I have learned more and more with each new version, but mostly have learned more and more about it as I got to create more and more complex, and bigger databases .


In the beginning, it was mostly databases for managing big events like national conferences, managing from various locations down to the nitty gritty of how many vegan meals to order! But early on, I created databases that addressed all sorts of needs, which is also a real joy because it is never dull.


Loved it totally when it was version 5. Was not so happy with some of the changes that happened around version 8 (in the French regional versions, where apples were no longer apples, and oranges were now something else too), but I am still using it, creating databases as they are needed by the various organizations I work for.


I love the challenges of each new project. I love dealing with people who have reach a very high level of frustration with their current databases and have very high expectations toward this new thing coming. Because it usually makes them VERY clear about their needs. And because I trust that the solution I will come up with will be easy (minimal learning curve for users), practical, elegant, and customizable by end users (to a degree), which gives them relative autonomy in their job, something they always highly appreciate. Over the years, I have seen people totally reluctant, with real bad attitudes, fall in love with their new tools and have fun again doing their work. Also, people calling me back for yet more options, more functions, more databases, etc. I have gone back to places and was in awe at how a team of people had thought one another how to use it over the years, modify the original databases, that were still pretty much what I had created, but better because more atuned to their current needs.


When Filemaker files became cross-platform, that was a big event for me. My work requires fluency in both pc and mac, but I am a truely a Mac person. And I can now create databases on my Mac, for pc users, with no glitch.


My current project involves graphs, and that sorts of things. So I have registered in this Forum hoping to find help and solutions if I encounter some problems in those aspects which I have never tackled really (beyond your basic everyday run of the mill calculations and stats). Although that is the initial reason for signing in, I see now that I am in for a FEAST!


So, Hello everyone, and glad to join this community,

I hope I'll be able to contribute at my humble level

and that my sometimes approximate English won't get in the way,




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Welcome to the FileMaker Cafe Suzanne.


Ask away. We will do our best to help out. And don't be shy about posting your questions in the exclusive Gold Member Forum.

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Welcome aboard!


It was a Claris product (just barely) when I first used it. I missed the version where they called it "FileMaker II" by a few weeks; they had just changed the name to "FileMaker PRO".


There are a few folks here who were using it in the PRE-Claris days!

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Pre-Claris ? I didn't know that the genesis of Filemaker dated back to such a thing as a pre-Claris time.

That must have been right after the Wisconsin glaciation.

Claris had neat sofware. Like Emailer, and Organizer (I think that was the name) that became part of the Palm OS. iCal reminds me of it in some ways.

I'm just glad Filemaker made it and is still around. I wouldn't do without it. I have declined little jobs now and then where I would have had to use Access or other similar torture devices.

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