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I have a portal that is filtered with the new filter feature but if i do a list of IDs in still gets the IDs of all records that is related to that portal regardless of it being filtered or not. Is there a way that i can get the list of IDs shown in that portal regardless of it having a filter on it or not.



Actually let me correct that. I have a filter calculation on the filter portal setup box and it points to a field that i can type certain things in it and filter the portal to what im wanting but the problem is if theres say 65 records and i filter out the ones that are complete and thee is 35 that are complete and then try to get the IDs of the Active ones that are left in the portal it still pulls the IDs for all 65 not the 30 that are left.

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Make sure the filter equation is from the same TO as the portal is based upon, not another TO of the same table. My only other suggestion is to post a clone of the database (or better yet - if you can - just redact the name fields but leave records in portal if possible).

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Well i would attach a copy of it but im working with an existing solution from back in Filemaker 5 days that has a lot of bandaid style stuff going on in it if ya know what i mean and its comprised of many solutions together using External data source. They made different files for each thing they wanted instead of using one main file or something like a data separation style solution. I might can throw something together thats similar this weekend or something if i have time.

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Set up the occurrences just as you would a relational Value List.

In other words it would go like this


main table :: Related Table

Related Table ::Secondary Related Table


Secondary Table should show only the list of the Related Table


See Uploaded picture.


When I filter my portal to show z to zz

using this calculation



I get only 4 IDS to show as a result (76,193,266,921)



I am current in the Range List layout that is defined to use occurrence

Connector Range List. //Main Table ; It is related to

Range List_BD // Related Table and then

GTTR_BD_Range_Detail //Secondary Related Table


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