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Robert Schaub

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Hello Chopper,


I'm the developer of FMDroid, so of course I think it works pretty well. ;)


FMDroid gives you basic access to your FileMaker database through the FileMaker Server XML gateway. It doesn't show you your GUI like FileMaker Go does, but it does allow you to search, sort, edit, download container data, and perform scripts. The default behavior is to list all of your layouts and scripts in the app, but you can use a naming convention on the layouts you make to show only layouts your want FMDroid users to see, and to only show the scripts designed for each layout so that you don't have a giant script list to scroll through. I have a developer's guide online on my site which I recommend you look through to learn how to make these customizations to your database (which should be pretty quick to do).


I'm also still working on adding new features to the app, so I hope to improve the functionality over time. If you decide to use it and come across any bugs you can email me at support@smefworks.com and I'll do my best to resolve them as soon as possible. Please email me or post on the SmefWorks forums if you have any feature requests as well.


Let me know if you have any questions you need answered before decide if you would like to try it.


EDIT: One other thing I forgot to mention! Since this runs on the FMS WPE you can use FileMaker plugins to add functionality and do things that you wouldn't normally be able to do. You can use the Enterprise license of 360Works plugins like Plastic to take credit card numbers and run charges using FMDroid (make sure to use SSL to keep your card information secure), Email to send HTML emails with multiple attachments, and Remote Scripter to generate PDFs which you could then download to your phone, print to a printer, or a whole host of other features RemoteScripter is good for.

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