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Whats this doing?


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Can someone really tell me what this is actually doing? I found it in a solution my company has and im trying to figure out exactly what its doing. Its in a table called 'Contacts"and its a global field but As the calculation syas its referencing a table called UI which has all global fields in it. If i do the calculation with out the Evaluate & "Contact¶Contacts" then its just a blank field but if i look at the field the way the actual field is written below then the Contact¶Contacts is just a return delimited list is all. Havent really played with the evaluate function at all.



Evaluate ( "" ; UI::CurrentUserName ) & "Contact¶Contacts"

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My guess is one of a few things:

1. They are using it as a Value List, with 2 items.

2. They are using it in a relationship, where the match field may contain "Contact" or "Contacts".

3. It's a tactic to get them to see who is looking into the backend of there file, cuz anyone looking at that would be urged to find out what the heck it does.

4. It's no longer used for anything.


My bet is on #2.

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