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Foreign language characters and SMTPIt


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I'm using FileMaker 11 Adv. and SMTPIt 3.1.3 to send out emails.


I've been successfully sending English versions (both both text and HTML) without issue. I've got my template email saved in a text field and populate a variable - substituting the appropriate values from my records as needed - from it. No problems there.


Now, I need to do the same in Japanese. I've been provided with a Japanese HTML template which is in a second text field and looks okay there. But, when I run through my script and view my email results saved to another field, my Japanese characters have been replaced by questions marks and the email I've sent myself also displays those same question marks.


I guess I'm obviously missing something. My question is, is it a FileMaker setting or an SMTPIt setting or something else altogether? What do I need to do to send out non-English characters in an HTML email using SMTPIt?


Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.

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