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HELP!! Customer data base issues!


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I recently downloaded the new FM pro 11, when I started on it, I opened our old pro 5 customer data base in the new FM 11, but did not rename the old one. When I go to open our work orders they will not open with related customer data without reopening customer data base in pro 11. It state customer data base not found. I am wondering if I delete the customer data base in pro 11, since I still have the data in pro 5, can I start over with renaming the old customer data base file? Will then FM pro 11 relate from work orders to customer data base in pro 11? The jist is can I delete my customer data base in the 11 without any issues and start over? I need this asap



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It is almost impossible to make FileMaker Pro 11 overwrite a FileMaker Pro 5 file in the process of converting it. By default when you go to convert a FileMaker 5 file, FileMaker will suggest you let it change the name of the old file to YourFileName Old.fp5, but you can tell it not to do that. If you tell it not to do that, it will leave it with its original name. Then, if you did not opt to rename the old file, FileMaker will suggest "YourFileName Converted.fp7" as the name of the converted file. You can backspace over the "Converted" at this point, which gives you "YourFileName.fp7". Which would not overwrite "YourFileName.fp5" because the extensions are different, hence the filename is different.


If, during the suggested renaming of your FileMaker 5 file to "YourFileName Old.fp5", you overtype the suggested name as "YourFileName.fp7", FileMaker will suggest "YoruFileName Converted.fp7" for the converted file; if you then backspace over the "Converted" part, NOW FileMaker would be attempting to save the converted file with the same name as the original. And even then it still won't let you proceed, it will give you an error message that the files must have different names.


I don't know what you did with your FileMaker 5 file, but I suspect it was something else.

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