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Audio PLayer with scrub abilities


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Hey everyone,


I have a file that has a field that we manually type in a filepath into the field but we want the ability to play the file directly in filemaker but we need the ability to scrub through at any point just like you can in iTunes with that slider to advance quickly to another point. I like the 24u SimpleSound Plugin from 24uSoftware but cant seem to find a way to have the scrub ability. I did see someone on youtube that mad a iTunes look and feel with drag and drop to a playlist and all in filemaker but no scrub ability in it that i saw.


Anyone know how to do this or know of a different plugin i can use for this?




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Create a calculation field, result type "container" defined as your appropriate file path using "moviemac:" or "moviewin" in front of the path. I think you will be able to reposition the cursor at will with the mouse when it is playing; the interface will be QuickTime.

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