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Calendar help

Tere Lavin

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Hello, i have a problem to solve:



I have 3 tables:

TIMES - with the list of times i need, i need an appointment every 30mins.

time - turn

9:00 morning

9:30 morning

10:00 morning


SCHED - will be create the appointment with date, time and name.

date: 30/12/2011

time: 9:00am

name: Joe


CALENDAR - show the data layout. One portal that display the appointments of the day (date)

time - name

9:00am JOE

10:30am BILLY

that display in order i have and apponitment, but i need show me that i have free 9:30am and 10:00am.


problem: I need to display the list of times that I have and that relations with the appointment I just created


my calendar file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1510170/CALENDAR.fp7

thanks for the help.

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The fastest way to create a calendar solution is to look on the FileMakerToday front page and purchase one.


However, with some determination, time for trial and error, and a desire to custom fit the calendar to your needs, it is possible for an "intermediate" skill FileMaker fan to create a custom program. Here are a few thoughts that I can offer; I am sure some others on this site will add more and probably better ideas.


The first thing to decide is how many and what kind of calendar (appointment) "views" you want to have available. For example, do you want a month view? A weekly view? A daily view? All three? The complexity of the solution depends a lot upon how detailed and sophisticated you want the solution to be. I listened to one presentation at DevCon 2011 where the speaker wanted hourly views of the week and therefore had 168 separate table occurrences to solve that problem.


I generally start with a few global "controller" fields (MonthYear, Date, StartDate, EndDate, etc). I place most of my global fields in a table also named Global, so a lot of the calendar views are actually portals on the Global table layout. And for a calendar solution the records are all generated at the beginning to populate the hours / days / weeks and months for display, and then the appointments are edits of the existing records. I suggest you create (through trial and error) a script that lets you add time to the end of your calendar with a StartDate and EndDate, and the looping script creates all the detail for you.


Month View Calendar

You need 365 (or 366 in 2012) day records to display. I copied a technique that uses 42 squares (or rectangles) placed in a 7 wide by 6 high grid. Each square is a portal showing only one record. Square #1 upper left displays Portal 1, square #2 displays Portal 2, and so on. The trick to going forward or backward through the months of any year (for which you have made records) is to calculate which square is the 1st day of the month, then assign that day to the corresponding portal 1 through 7, and then choose enough records from the previous month fill in all the squares before the 1st. The same goes for the end of the month.


Week View and/or Day View

Do you want to display five days or seven? Each day becomes a portal for display purposes, and inside each portal are the appointment hours from beginning to end. I chose to start my calendar at 7:00 a.m. and go through 6:00 pm (12 hours + one more record for 7:00 p.m. display). Inside the portal those 12 hours will display at the level you specify (I chose 4 records per hour for every 15 minute scheduling).

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