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Inventory DB Design question


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Hi All,


I am in the process of designing an inventory DB. The problem I am having is, I want to have to types of items, Devices and components. Meaning that a device may have several components associated with it, but a component would not. There are going to be other aspects as well like a maintenance history ect..


What I want to know is if when i have a record showing an item from the Device category, can I show, and enter (in a portal perhaps items from the components category without having to make separate tables for each. I think this would be easy using a related table but what sucks about that is all of the fields in the two table would be identical, with the exception of a category; Device/Component. But to keep is simple I would like only use one table for the inventory data.


Please let me know if further explanation would be helpful.. Thank you and Merry Christmas.



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You want a selfjoin relationship, a relationship of the table to a second occurrence of that same table. It should allow record creation via the relationship.


Assuming you have a unique primary-key type field in this table, create a new field Device ID, then make this relationship where Components is a new table occurrence of Items (or whatever you call your table):





Serial Number = Device ID



Now you can put a portal to Components on your layout.

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