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Embedding photos in record


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I'm a new member and this is my first posting. This looks like a terrific way to get help. So, here's my problem... Each record in my FMP 5.5 file includes a member ID number. I also have a folder with jpg photos and each photo is titled with the member ID number. When I import new records, how can I have the photo automatically placed into each record? I have a container field in the record and I can manually place each photo into that container field, but when I have over 1,000 new records, placing them by hand takes too much time. Thanks for your help... I appreciate it.


I should mention that I have an upgrade to FMP 7 that I could use if I need a higher version of FMP to fix this issue.

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if you wish to remain in Filemaker Pro 5.5....


Create a NEW File, Photos.fp5, which will be for temporary use only. Create these fields: Photo (container field), IDNumber (number field), FileName (text).


File menu --> Import Records --> from folder, import from your Photos folder, the pix go into Photo field the file names go into FileName. Don't "store only as a reference" unless you want the final photos in the real file to only store a reference.


After import, click into IDNumber field and do a Replace Field Contents, calculated value, Left (FileName, Position (FileName, ".", 1, PatternCount (FileName, "."))-1)


Result should be IDNumbers that look right.


Now make a relationship from Photos.fp5 to your original file based on IDNumber = IDNumber


If you do not already have a container field in your original file for the member pictures, create one now.


Now make a script:



Set Field [OriginalFile::MemberPicture, Photo]

Go to Record [Next, Exit After Last]

End Loop


and run it.



When done, you can discard Photos.fp5, you're done with it.

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I see from your other thread (which I just closed) that you decided to switch to FileMaker 7. You didn't update your question HERE to reflect that so I typed out instrux for how to do it in FileMake 5.5; this is why we don't like it when people make the same post in different places!


Well, the method described above will work equally well in FileMaker 7.

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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