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No database available - LAN


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My undertsanding is that a shared database should at least appear in a browser belonging to the same computer, at the address


, regardless of the network status.


For some reason, my databases (which used to be available on the Internet) do not appear anymore. Just to be on the sure side, i created a database with a random name (to avoid possible namefiles conflicts), but still no database available at the localhost.

I made many moves, trying to solve the situation.


1) Uninstall and reinstall FileMaker: no effect

2) Turn off the Windows firewall: no effect

3) Double-check the web publishing options: they are correct

4) Created a brand new database with a unique name: no effect

Do you have sugestions on the next steps i should take?


I'm using FM Pro 11 on a Win7 Ultimate 64-bit system.




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Actually, my syntax in the post above was incorrect, but the problem remains.

I'm using the correct syntax for the local web address ( but this is the screen appearing:




which means, of course, that no database is available.


Everything seems allright, on the instant web publishing window, as u can see:



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On my Mac it would not be http://localhost/fmi/iwp, it would be http://localhost/~ahunter3/fmi/iwp, would this be untrue for Windows?




I assume the file is open at the time you're trying this? (silly question, I know, no insult intended)



Can you load plain old http://localhost?






PS: your screen shots aren't working.

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Actually the hyperlinks work.

I do not know why the images don't appear in the post, but u still can see the screen shots.

Ands as you'll see, localhost does not work

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