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Forum Upgrades - Action Required for all members!

Sean MacLane

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Overnight there was a major update to our forum. That being said, please post any anomalies here. You also must upgrade your browser of choice to the latest version... as we are now running the latest version of jQuery and have upgraded to HTML5 for use with IOS and Android devices. Upgrade your browsers before making posts or posting problems with the new software.


Also a quick heads up... major changes will take place, during the next few weeks.


This Weekend:

1. ALL members will be required to change there current password and update your profile information. Those that fail to do so will no longer be able to participate.

2. There has been a large amount of forums scraping done the past month... we know who you are and your IP Address's.

3. You should contact me immediately, because your ISP's and IP's will now be auto banned by our new system.

4. The cross traffic between other forums will cease. We are also aware of who these people are there ISP's and IP's.

5. Anyone posting links to files or graphics on other sites will be banned automatically.

6. Our Moderators Kjoe, AHunter3, Ender, Chopper, Techphan, Josh Ormond, Kirkrr, MBMarlowe, J Wenmeekers, CobaltSky, and Mike123 are here to help point you in the right direction.

7. They are not here to build your database!

8. If you want their services on a professional basis, please use the contact us link on the site. Look for a new feature that will be added shortly. FileMaker Coaching!!!

9. After taking a look at some of our posts... WOW, FMI or a consultant would have a MAJOR payday.

10. Starting today free questions will be monitored...highly complex questions that require significant time and effort on the part of the moderators will require a membership and may be referred to our FileMaker Coaching Service.

11. The Moderators may at anytime refer questions to the FileMaker Coaching Service, when it is beyond the scope of the forum to answer or resolve. FILEMAKER COACHING: WHEN YOU NEED IT. HOW YOU NEED IT. AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

12. For more information on our moderator & coaching services please contact Josh Ormond; josh.ormond@filemakertoday.com


THIS WEEKEND ONLY GET A LIFETIME GOLD MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY $99 DOLLARS... http://filemakertoday.com/com/payments.php


Have a great weekend,


Sean MacLane

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