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retrieving value from related record


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Hi all,


I'm currently in the process of restructuring my database a bit and would like to have some input on a question. The database centers around a set of sentences, of which I also have a set of translations. The original sentences are stored in one table , called Sentences, and the translations from the different languages are stored in another table, called Translations. A primary key in Sentences relates to a foreign key in all the Translations records.


Each record can be uniquely identified using real-world identifiers, namely an ID for the sentence and the name of the language. So, what I want to do is as follows:


Say I have these two translations with the same real-life ID, the 'type' field displays a classification of the linguistic structure:


English: John hits Mary

type = 3

Dutch: Jan slaat Marie

type = 1


What if I wanted to display the value for English in the Dutch record, say in a field called 'English_type'? Could I do that and how would I be able to do that?


Thanks so much, and sorry if I'm vague!

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