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Allocating an employee to do a job and creation of new table/relationships


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I'd like to have your opinion on how to implement something that I initially would have thought to be simple but I can't seem to figure out the solution. It's for a manucure,pedicure service


At the moment, I have a database with a few tables:

-Clients table.

-Event table (list of dates and time already recorded in that table)

-Product table (list of products already recorded in that table)

-Order table

-Orderline table (to take care of the many-to-many relationship)


At this stage, a client calls me to make a booking for a specific event time with a specific product. I then create a record using my order layout where I'll enter the product he has chosen and the date he has chosen (i use an orderline portal in that order layout). What I'm trying to achieve is to integrate 1 (or more) table and relationship that would help me achieve the following.


I also want to choose which of my employees will be chosen for the treatment.



So for example, Client A will be booked on 28/11/2011 for a manucure. All these infos can already be recorded in the order layout but I want to choose Employee D to take care of that order.


Now let's say Client B call and want to book for 28/11/2011 for a pedicure. I want a way to know that Employee D is already taken in that order layout and then decide to allocate Employee C for example.


I hope you guys get it and can help. Obviously, I will need an Employee table but I dont see what to do next.


I look forward for your solutions.



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