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Limit Quick Find Search to only active, enrolled students


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Hey all,

Is there a way to limit the quick find feature to search only in the set of current records? In our database here at a school, we have about 1200 records, only 367 of which are active, current students. But when teachers search for Luis Perez for example, 2 students come up - an active one and a non-active? Each active student has a field marked "KSPA" if they're currently enrolled. The field is blank or some other designation if they are not longer at the school.


So can the quickfind only find from students who are enrolled currently? I could put the unenrolled students in a archive table, which might be the best suggestion. Any other thoughts?


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Probably the best way to go is to make your own scripted search using dedicated global entry fields - taking current enrollment status into account - that is easier to use (and faster) than searching all the records. But having said that, I don't know how much faster searching 367 records will be than 1,200. Both will be quick.


But... I thought "quick find" was introduced in FileMaker 11?

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That makes sense. I'll make my own scripted search. That's the best thing to do really. I'm seeing that the quick find searches all the records. I'd rather limit the search to only the currently enrolled students, so teachers do not accidentally find a kid that's no longer enrolled.


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