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Script find on two fields on two conditions


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I'm trying to get a script to find on two fields. I have the following script

working on the first condition but I need to add a second condition.


Enter Find Mode []

Insert Calculated Result [select; Line Items::Date_Sold; " > " & $$SearchOnDate]

Perform Find []


Now I also want the script to find on a second condition which is,

if the field Date_Sold is blank then include that also in the found set.


Thanks for your help


Bob Green

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Bob, have you tried finding in reverse ie. omitting blank values (using "*"), then inversely choosing your dates (omitting your chosen dates), then showing omitted only?

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I'm trying to use the Insert Calculated Result command to do both finds in the one command. Is that possible?


P.S. Martin do you live in Christchurch and did I talk to you about 3 years ago?




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Hi Bob, sorry no and no, but I won't take it personally!

Not sure if it is. I'm not a fan of Insert Calculated Result (mainly because I've never had to use it!).

I would do something like...


Show All Records

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [ Line Items:Date_Sold; "*" ]

New Record/Request

Omit Record

Set Field [ Line Items:Date_Sold; ">" & $$SearchOnDate ]

Perform Find [ ]

Show Omitted Only


Let me know if that does the job.



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