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Field input box.


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Yes. A trick, but it does not work with a drop-down calendar (possibly others).



Duplicate the field(s), place the copy one on top of another. Leave them slightly ajar until fine tuning complete and you are happy with result, then align perfectly.



Top field attributes

-Do not allow entry in browse mode uncheck box in the Data-->Behavior area of Inspector.

-Fill pattern is 2nd from left, top row (solid over transparent - this is the key)

-Assign color as desired


Bottom field

-Same pattern as above

-Allow entry in Browse mode

-Different color than top field



After fields aligned, user clicks or tabs into field, and the top color disappears and the bottom color shows through.

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I am not sure about the "glowing part," but: In top field (from above) go to Inspector --> Appearance --> Line and choose no line or same color as top field color, and choose a contrasting field outline color in the bottom field.


Edit 1: Above does not work. Scratch it. I will try with conditional formatting.

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Making the border change is much trickier. And not as elegant as other options. Unless you are using a Web Viewer and Java...and then it's a more difficult implementation without a plugin.


If you can, or are willing, to adjust your approach a little...the easiest technique is probably to set the field fill to the color you want it to "glow". Then set conditional formatting to the color you want it to normally show as (white for example). For the formula for the Conditional formatting, just enter 1 or True. When you enter a field, the conditional formatting temporarily goes away, making it appear to glow when selected.

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is there a way to make an field input box glow a different color when selected?


OK, here is a simple way to make it work.


Suppose you have a series of fields A, B, C, etc. I will describe the method for for highlighting B with a glowing border, but it can be easily extended to all fields.


Setup Steps

1) Duplicate field B, call it hB (for highlight B).

2) Make hB wider by 4 pixels and taller by 4 pixels in Inspector.

3) Position hB over B evenly so that there is a 2 pixel overlap in all directions.

4) Choose hB, then Arrange ---> Send to back so that hB is behind B

5) hB attributes-choose "Do not allow entry" in Browse mode

6) Make sure that B and hB have the same background color.

7) Choose hB ---> Conditional Formatting ---> choose same color for font and background, the color you want it to "glow" (I chose red)

8) Make two scripts: Set hB (Set Field[hB; "1"]) and Unset hB (Set Field[hB; ""] )

9) Choose field B and set two script triggers: OnObjectEnter [set hB] and OnObjectExit [unset hB]

10) Set Tab Order as to not tab into hB so that Tab Order is A, B, C, etc.

11) Repeat for any other fields desired


How it Works

As you tab from A into B (or mouse-click into), the script trigger trigger fires (OnObjectEnter) setting hB="1" which turns field red. When exiting the reverse happens, and hB returns to the same Layout color as B.




I see this as most useful if a user tries to navigate off a page when required information is missing from one or more fields (highlight them), but you could actually use this method for every data entry field.


EDIT: I uploaded a sample file illustrating this technique.


EDIT 2: You can always set hB field to same color as layout background.

Highlight Field.fp7

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Thanks Techphan, but I can not make it work and I have no access to your example. In conditional formatting I choose same colors, What do I have to enter as value?

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Thanks Techphan, but I can not make it work and I have no access to your example. In conditional formatting I choose same colors, What do I have to enter as value?


The whole idea is that when the user enters a field (called B), OnObjectEnter fires and places a value in hB. The conditional formatting in hB sees a value (I used the number "1" and also used the enclosing quotation marks since hB is defined as a text field). Since the size of hB is larger, and the value a "1" is in hB, hB turns red (with same color red text) and you can see the larger hB field red color around the smaller B field.


As I outlined above, you need to:

1) Make a field hB and place behind B, and set conditional format in hB

2) Two scripts , one to place a value in hB and another to remove it

3) Set script trigger in hB; OnObjectEnter sets value in hB and OnObjectExit removes it

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