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getting TWO different results from a value list by use of Case??


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here's my dilemma...


am building a (VERY) simple pricing calculator.


one field (costfield) contains the cost for a particular record

another field is the markup field (mkupfld) (which is hooked to a valuelist of "1.2, 1.3, 1.4", etc but also has a "Flat Rate Markup" text at the bottom )....


The third field (quotefield) is simply to be a calculation of the two.


A separate table allows setting the Flatratemarkup (Table2::FRM)


My thought was to run it as: Case ( mkupfld = number; costfield * mkupfld; mkupfld = "FlatRate"; costfield * Table2::FRM)


1. I don't know if this is a possible route:

CAN one use CASE to analyze a field for TYPE of text AND/OR value? If so, how do I write that?


2. if that's NOT possible, is there a better way to do it (other than creating yet ANOTHER table in which to house the list of markup values and make them relate)??


I don't know if Case is the best way to do this, but it's my favorite Function this month, so I'm going for it!


I DID make it work by using "IF" - - IF (mkupfld = "FlatRate" ; costfield + Tabel2:FRM; costfield * mkupfld)

however, that eliminates the ability of using multiple cases (which i'd like to do, as there are several types of evaluations which need to be run to achieve the correct part).....






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Well you can, yes; but in this case it's easier to just make the assessment in the opposite order!


Case (mkupfld = "FlatRate"; costfield * Table2::FRM; costfield * mkupfld)





To find out if a field contains numerical data only (assuming the FIELD is a text field which it should be),



Case (Filter (mkupfld; "0123456789.") = mkupfld; "{yeah it only has numbers in it}"; "{it has letters or spaces or other chars}")

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thx. yup, i figured out it's a heck of a lot easier to make an evaluation which can be a simple yes/no answer!

of course, not 20 minutes after getting it fully working and showing the client, he moved the cheese.... "Oh yeah, we love that, but we'd like to add an option where we can modify the mkupfld field values - - so can you do that?"

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What's keeping you from doing so?

nothing... It's just more time...


"Uh, we had estimated this project would take 8 hrs, and I know we've changed the scope three times since the quote, added 4 more related tables and 100+ more fields, but we don't think it's fair that you're going to charge us more than 8hrs for this project.."



Oh, and on a related note: is there a thread in here about contract db service and related issues? I looked around but didn't see one. I've stumbled into a couple contracts for a group of manufacturing companies, and am looking for advise in quoting analyzing the amount of work expected.

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I charge an hourly fee. Flat-rate projects are frustrating because of scope creep and because even when the customer doesn't add features, you can get detailed to death: "OK. Can you align these fields? OK now everything needs to be centered more on the page. Can you make this field a little wider?" —— all reasonable and relevant but it can last infinitely long.

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That' what I have been doing. Of course an estimate is often assumed to be a quote, when it comes time to pay the bills....and that can become a bit awkward.....

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I tell them (truthfully) that I'm very fast but not a good estimator. My estimates are informal and not binding. That 90% of the work in FileMaker consists of figuring out how you're going to implement a functionality; and you don't know how long it will take until you know how you're going to do it, at which point you've done 90% of the work!

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