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Linking images to a container field


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More information please.


Do you have a batch of image files in a folder on a file server somewhere? Do you already have records each of which has a field or set of fields that indicate WHICH file's image goes in each one? Are you instead seeking to create new records, one for each image? Are your images online instead of being on your file server? Have you ever inserted a picture into a container field, manually or via script, and, if so, are you asking how to do it "as a reference" as opposed to uploading the image into FileMaker and storing it there?



EDITED TO ADD: And is this indeed in FileMaker Pro 5.5? (just noticed which forum this post was in). Not that my above questions are any less pertinent to FileMaker 5.5, but you'll have fewer options than you would for a more modern version. Which operating system? You may have to tell the operating system to methodically copy each image file to a default path just long enough to do an Insert Picture script step for each record —— because FileMaker 5.5 is pretty limited in its ability to let you use a calculated, abstracted file path. You can't, for example, import from a $Variable that you set to a path such as "MyServer/ImageFolder/" & ImageName the way you can in FileMaker 11.


RE-EDITED TO ADD: Windows, right? You can use Send Message (later changed to Send Event but in FileMaker 5.5 was still "Send Message") to "cmd" where the message consists of a command-line command that copies files to a new path / new filename. You would for example copy Z:\Images\SusanCookingCornbread.jpg to Z:\Images\ImportMe.jpg ... the script would send a different Send Message command for each image as it looped through them, copying EACH image to ImportMe and then importing ImportMe into the container field.

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