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cannot connect to database


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I came in this morning and tried to connect remotely no files came up. System was working normal last night. I tried restarting the fmp services on our server and the files still do not show up. I also noticed that an orange dot appears in the lower left corner of the database and back up folder icons. I figured it should be green right? Its driving me crazy! HELP!!! Im also new here to the forum and to filemaker in general.

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You can open the FileMaker Server Admin Console? Looks like this? (NOTE — the console in the screen shot is turned to a tab caleld "Web Publishing"; yours, with the green or orange dots, would be the FileMaker Server Overview tab):




Look at the top left corner where in the screen shot you see a greyed-out inactive icon (looks like an oil drum to me, I think it's supposed to represent an array of disks) with the green arrow. If it greyed-out like that on YOURS? Or is it solid like the one with the red button next to it in the screen shot?


If your green "Start Database Server" button is NOT greyed out, click it. Wait for a moment or tow and see if that causes it to start up.



If it was working and then just recently stopped, it may be that your server compuer has run out of space and can't host databases until you get a larger hard drive. Or if the server were rebooted it may not be SET UP to automatically start when the OS starts. (it's an optional setting).

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