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Hello all


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I am a long time FM user and have an interesting problem. I am trying to save PDF files from a database, on to a web portal (FMSA) and notice that Filemaker creates non optimized PDF files. Is there a way to set a parameter in the save as script step that will create a reduced size PDF automatically?



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The simplest solution is to install a product (most centrally and traditionally, Adobe's Acrobat, although I think there are others now) that provides you with a printer driver for printing to PDF that provides all the high-end options. We Mac users tend to forget about those because we have print to PDF built-in, but once you have a routine for printing to PDF that is recognized by the system "as a printer", you can set up the Print [] script step to print to that printer; and save certain profiles and settings and preferences either as the standard ones for that printer driver or as aspects of the script step (some of which will restore more reliably than others on each script execution).


It doesn't always scale well; if the goal is to write a scripted routine that all 970 corporate employees can use, it may not be feasible to install relatively expensive software on each person's computer. (Etc).

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There are a number of free PDF drivers out there also. Off the top of my head CutePDF is one, but there are a bunch of them.


You may want to test a few, some of them do a better job with file size than others.

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