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Linking records with multiple field links

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I am creating a form which will help me timeline when some objects were created. To this I would like to add options such as linking it to exhibitions they were in. Some of the objects have not been in any, others have been in 20+. How can I link this sort of information to each object without just creating a massive list next to each object with all the details of each exhibition.


How do i link a record to another multiple options list?




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Jack Rodgers

Use related tables. Study some of the Filemaker examples. Open the editor graph and see how the tables are linked.


Quick: create a table that contains the information you want to link to.


In your parent table and this (or any other) have two number fields for serial ids. In the child table include a number field ID parent record.


Link the parent table via ID parent table and the child table ID parent table.


Now you can create a portal in the parent table showing records in the child table.


There's a lot more but it's early am and I am only half way through my coffee.


...read the manual... :)


Start at page one and read for 30 minutes. Bookmark.

(whenever you have free time or during a meal or before going to bed...)


start at book mark and read 30 minutes

set bookmark


exit loop in 5 years

end loop

dialog...by continually self-educating yourself you can now answer questions on any list!

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Let's see how much of that I followed.



You have a table in which each record is an Object. Or else a table in which several fields exist each of which is an Object (Object 1, Object 2, Object 3). Either way, for each object you want to have a data entry process in which the person entering information can select, for each object, any number of exhibitions that that object appeared in. You have a separate table somewhere where each record is the record of an exhibition (you do, right?).



Let's go with the simple model where each of the local records is the record of one single object. (If you have more than 3 or 4 Object fields in your form's table, you need to create a separate Objects table anyway, otherwise it gets really klunky).


The Objects table has some unique identifier field (it does, right?). Let's call it Object Serial ID. Exhibitions meanwhile also has some unique identifier, let's call it Exhibition Serial ID.


Create a new table, ObjAtExhibitions. Each record in that table will be the record of a single object at a single exhibition. At a minimum it must contain Object ID and Exhibition ID fields; it can also contain fields such as Start Date and End Date (the date from which and to which it is, or will be, at a given exhibition) and other field that are pertinent to THAT object at THAT exhibition and not to the object itself or the exhibition itself.


Now create a relationship from Objects to ObjAtExhibitions where Object Serial ID = Object ID in ObjAtExhibitions. Enable record creation on the ObjAtExhibitions side.


Create a second relationship from ObjAtExhibitions to Exhibitions where Exhibition ID = Exhibition Serial ID in Exhibitions.


Exit out of Define Database and use the portal tool to put a short data entry portal next to your other Objects table fields. The portal goes to ObjAtExhibitions. Put Exhibition ID on the portal, and from related table Exhibitions put the name and other relevant fields from Exhibitions that describe the exhibition (e.g., City, State, Curator, whatever).


Now you need a dropdown list to attach to Exhibition ID in that portal, so when you click on Exhibition ID you see meaningful info to tell you which one you're picking. In Define Value Lists make a value list showing Exhibition ID and also showing values from a second field, Exhibition Title or Exhibition Name or some such. Attach that value list to Exhibition ID as a drop-down value list.

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