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Problem with FMP Lending Library Template


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I am creating a lending library for cameras that I check out to our teaching credential students. I began with a "canned" template, and am having issues with the way it handles the "Items on Loan" report and email reminders.


The "Items on Loan" list never updates; it always shows the first person to have checked out the camera. In the same fashion, the email reminders go out to the first person who checked out the camera, not the person who currently has it checked out.


Has anyone else used this template and experienced similar problems?

Can someone help me get this working properly? I have a close available.





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Open the Lending Library Template,



  • Under the File Menu "Select Manage > Database"
    1. Now click on the Relationships tab, you now see a diagram of all tables.
    2. Look for the Assets table to the History Asset ID table connector "line".
    3. About the “middle” of that line is an icon. Double-click that icon to edit the Relationship.
    4. The “Edit Relationship” dialog window will appear
    5. Look for "Assets" on the left side & "History Asset ID" on the right side.
    6. Almost there! At the bottom right (History Asset ID side), select the "Sort records" check box.
    7. Damn! Another dialog appears.
    8. Look for “List of Fields" & scroll down to the "History ID" field and click.
    9. Finally, select the radio button "Descending Order".
    10. At Last! Click "Move".
    11. Click “OK” 3 times. Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice



HTH, Steph... Just a quick FYI, there have been numerous problems with template over the years. You might want to try and convert some sort of "Rental Template" for what you are trying to accomplish. It would do the same thing you are looking for with some tweaking and verbiage changes.




This is a FileMaker Cafe UBB archive.

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OMFG! I knew it would be something simple! Thanks!!


I like the idea of tweaking a Rental Template, but I cannot find one in the templates provided with FMP 8.0


Thanks for the help, Ross!



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I want to use lending library template in my library. Is it possible to send "Reminder Email" and "Late Notice Email" ​ automatically? I tried it but not success. Please help me....

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