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Forgetful Page Setup after new Version upgrade?

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I still have FMP 10 on my computer and I can use it to go into any of the several databases we have hosted via FMS and print a layout using the same Page Setup setting I've been using - and with the desired results. If I go into those same databases with FMP 11 try to print the same layouts, they are truncated on the right and the bottom carries over to the next page. I then remember that Page Setup forgets the printer it is set to with FMP 11 (but not FMP 10) and I have to go into Page Setup every time I start up one of the databases in FMP 11. I'm not using any special Print scripts - just the standard Print command.


It seems like this has happened every time we have upgraded to the latest major version of FMP since v.7. In each case (I assume after minor version updates), the latest version eventually remembers Page Setup settings - even after closing the database or quitting FM. Based on that, is this just a minor bug fix that I need to wait for? Or is there something else I'm missing?


Thank you.

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