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Excelisys is 100% Snow Leopard Compatible!

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South Bend, IN, September 3, 2009 -- Excelisys, Inc., a database solutions and consulting organization specializing in quality custom database application design, development, and consulting for LAN, WAN, Web, and Mobile deployments, and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is pleased to announce that all of their FileMaker® Pro development and consulting practices, abilities and methodologies are fully functional and 100% compliant with the new release of the Apple® Mac OS® X 10.6.



Snow Leopard Compatibility


All of the following Excelisys practices are fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, a.k.a. Snow Leopard: Initial Free Consultation, Project Scope Gathering, Design Specification Production, Estimating, Interim Build Delivering, Final Deployments, and most importantly, Ongoing Support.


"We are very excited and pleased that our services are 100% compatible and fully functional with this new Mac OS release,” said Christo, CEO and founder of Excelisys. “Our methods are now bug-free and ready to use!”


Scott Mosher, Business Development Manager at Excelisys, is confident that the company’s quick response time was a key element in their smooth transition. "Keeping up with evolving software and operating systems is integral to the success of any good development and consulting firm. At Excelisys, we worked quickly and efficiently to update our practices and policies to adapt to this new OS. We are most confident that our services will continue to be as rock solid as they have historically been, and plan to move forward with no interruptions."


Geoff Ryle, President and Co-Founder of Excelisys, envisions immediate benefits for the company’s clients. "With the release of Snow Leopard, our clients can now enjoy enhanced productivity and superior performance with the solutions we build for them."


"The entire computing industry is moving from 32-bit to 64-bit technology, and it’s easy to see why,” explained Greg Furry, VP of Technology at Excelisys. “Today’s Mac computers can hold up to 32GB of physical memory, but the 32-bit applications that run on them can address only 4GB of RAM at a time. 64-bit computing shatters that barrier by enabling applications to address a theoretical 16 billion gigabytes of memory, or 16 exabytes. Does that scare you? It shouldn’t. At Excelisys, we’ve been planning for the 64-bit changeover for 8 years."



Snow Leopard Discount


To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Excelisys is offering discounted hourly rates until September 30th, 2009, and bonus hours based on time purchased and used. Call one of our FileMaker® experts today at 866-592-9235 or e-mail us at info@excelisys.com to find out the details of this extraordinary offer!



About Excelisys, Inc.:


For over 8 years, Excelisys, Inc. has been helping companies become more efficient, reliable, and profitable by providing excellent, integrity-driven consulting and development software services. From custom FileMaker® Pro database development and consulting, to the eX-File jump-start products, to Web Site/Application design, development and consulting services. Excelisys is should be your first strategic partner of choice for all your company's technology needs.





Excelisys, Inc.

South Bend, IN 46635

Phone (sales): 866-592-9235

Media Contact: 574-273-5805

Email: info@excelisys.com

Web: http://www.excelisys.com/


Copyright 2009 Excelisys, Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc. Apple, Mac, and Snow Leopard are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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