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Save Records Sorted; Problems / New FM Feature to be included?


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Sorting Millions of records takes many DAYS in FM 8 (if it does not crash while doing it) and many hours in FM 10. By placing FM 10 in RAMDisk 1.0 (2 GiB) a 75MB file will take at least 2 hours when sorted on 2 fields. (I am ever so happy I found RAMDisk for OS 10; compliments to the maker).


Whatever I have tried - when saving the SORTED file - the sort order is gone when the file is reopened. The sort order reverted to RecordNumber order - which took quite some time, because before being able to Save, it appears FM first has to "un-do" the sort.

I imagine the SAVE AS command is routed to the RECORDNUMBER Table to SAVE the Records in the - according to FM - "correct" order.


Is there any way to get FM to SAVE AS SORTED:


In other words am I doing something wrong. If so what?


If it is not possible to accomplish what I want, would a NEW FEATURE solve the problem?


New feature: SAVE AS SORTED


- Either with limited any user input - user marking the option SAVE AS SORTED;


- With EXTENDED user input by indicating the FIELD TO BE USED.

(I have a field in which I have - after having performed my SORT - imported sequential numbers starting at 1, ending with the last record number in the file).


Tried to Export the Records Sorted as tab delimited file - took several hours. But then ran into erratic FM behavior where not all records where imported (only 51MB out of 84MB) even though the procedure finished - without crashing, hanging or what have you - after some 10+ hours.


My latest endeavor is to EXPORT the Records Sorted as a FileMaker File. It seems to work but is excruciatingly slow: only 10,000,000 records per hour for 8 fields per record. In total more than 85,000,000 records to export.


Overheard: "You told me not to give up and look for the solution. I have done so diligently. But if you know it is out there, by now, I really would like to know where."

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It it possible for it to take as long as you say to sort a million records, but it is also usually possible for it to NOT take anywhere near that long. You do often have to put some effort into it.


a) What are the two fields you are trying to sort by? How are they stored and indexed? Is either of them perhaps an unstored calculation field or a field from another table entirely? Could a stored and indexed local-only version of that field be created and maintained, and you use that instead?


b) Have you considered leaving one workstation always open to that screen? Sort it ONCE. It's FileMaker 10. Once sorted, a layout will STAY sorted, even as data is changed.

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