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Attach this to the field, or to a button NEXT to the field* :


Open URL [no dialog, "mailto:"& EmailAddressField]


Will work with nearly all email programs, on either platform.





* (If you attach it to the field ITSELF it makes it kind of hard to change the email address, or to enter it in the first place)

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Open URL [No Dialog, "mailto: Contact Email"]


This is the script I have. The "Contact Email" is the field name. When I run this script it opens my mail client and puts "Contact Email" as the email address. I need to get it to use the content in the field. Any more suggestions??



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Yep: Do what I said to do instead of what you did! :P


Open URL [no dialog, "mailto:"& EmailAddressField]


You put the whole thing in quotation marks: Open URL [no dialog, "mailto: Contact Email"] You want:


Open URL [no dialog, "mailto:"& Contact Email]

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"mailto:"& Contact Email


This is what I put into the text field after clickling "specify". I check the "Perform Without Dialog" box and it returns this value.


Open URL [No dialog, ""mailto:"& Contact Email"]


It auto-enters the second pair of quotes. This commande won't start outlook. When I remove the quotes it returns this value:


Open URL [No dialog, "mailto:& Contact Email"]


This command does start outlook, but provides nothing in the to column. I've tried several variations of this and nothing seems to be working.

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Open URL [] ———>


_____"Open URL": Options_____
|                            |
|                            |
|   ------------ Specify     |
|   |___________             |
|                        ok  |



Click that "specify" button. Don't type directly into the Open URL __________ space.


In THAT dialog, which will be a BIG dialog box titled "Specify Calculation", type a quotation mark followed by mailto followed by a colon (:) followed by another quotation mark, then an ampersand (&) then find the field that actually contains your email address from the upper left hand box. when you find it, double-click it andit will fill in in the calculation field box after the ampersand.


There will be a table name then a colon then a field name.


The filnal result should look like this:



"mailto:" & YourTable_WhateverItMightBe::EmailAddressField


Then click the OK button.

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