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List unrelated records - Is a Portal the right tool?


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Hi there,


I'm very new to FM but love what I see and come from a web development background. The following is a very basic question:


I have a form (a 'dashboard' of sorts) and want to simply list records from a table (just specific fields) in reverse chronological order, but not use Table View. The ultimate goal is to only show records added over the last 24 hours.


Now, I absolutely know how to do this in SQL, but feel I'm overlooking something simple here. The portal control looks to do what I want, but in this case, the records are not related to anything (e.g. Not bringing up a person, and showing related records). I just want to show recently added records.


If someone could point me in the right direction (either through an example, or a resource that shows how to do this), I'd be very grateful.


Many thanks,


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A screen layout has a contextual base of a table occurrence - an alias to a specific source table (or it can be that source table). If all the records you want to list are in a single table, or group of related tables, you can use list view using a layout based on the context of that data table.


Portals are primarily vehicles to display related records, typically in a scrollable list with a defined sort.


Is all your data in a single table?


There is also the unique Filemaker construct called Table Occurrence Groups (TOG) - a set of alias'd tables, with a set of relationships unique to a purpose. You can have as many TOGs as you need to display whatever information you need, based on the uniquely defined relationships.


Don't break existing relationships that are working - set up aliases - duplicate table occurrences - to each and establish new relationships that match your needs.


The modeling technique for TOGs is most often called anchor-buoy models - do a search on TOG or Anchor-Buoy, and you'll find a great deal written on this.....

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You do need a relationship to view records in a portal, but you can make use of the "X" join or cartesian join, which is still a relationship but it will show all records unfiltered.

If you want to show all records added in the last 24 hours, you can define an unstored calc field in the viewing (or parent) table that holds the current timestamp minus 24 hours

Get ( currenttimestamp ) - 86400

and filter related records that are larger than this value.

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